The future starts now

Digital technologies have long been part of everyday agricultural life: they help us to tailor our work more flexibly to our needs. They enable much more targeted sowing, fertilization and irrigation – and thus conserve valuable resources.

Digital technologies in agriculture are

  • Highly efficient
  • Productivity-enhancing
  • Labour-saving
  • Sustainable

For LEMKEN, the key to digitizing agriculture is universal data management. This is the only way to link agricultural information, software applications, machine data and services from different providers. The basis for this are intelligent products – such as the LEMKEN weather station.


The LEMKEN weather station – always the right decision

Farmers today face major challenges. Changing legal requirements, tighter budgets, rising demand for food, and much more are influencing their everyday lives. The LEMKEN weather station helps farmers meet these challenges by collecting individual data and helping them to

  • Make better informed decisions for their fields
  • Optimize their yields
  • Realize potential savings
Your field speaks –
can you hear it?


LEMKEN weather stations measure temperature and humidity in the air, in the crop and on or in the soil directly in the field. With the corresponding app you can also view the weather forecast, current rain data or plant disease pressure in real time. The weather station with an integrated rain gauge provides more than ten different types of information, making it a valuable decision-making aid. Let your field and your plants speak for themselves!

  • Temperature and relative humidity data of air, crop and soil updated every 30 minutes
  • Rainfall updated every 30 minutes
  • Hourly update of wind speed
  • Current solar radiation
  • Disease pressure module for more than 40 cultures and more than 100 diseases

One year with the LEMKEN weather station


obtain the optimal temperature of the soil to determine the ideal time for fertilisation.


keeping an eye on temperature fluctuations of the soil

Crop Care

calculate the risk of disease and find the best time for optimum effectiveness, save on crop care products


calculate the dew point of crops and best harvest time

How does the LEMKEN weather station work?

Simply insert the LEMKEN weather station into your soil. Sensors at a height of 25 cm and 75 cm measure temperature and humidity individually in your plant population. A rain sensor registers the precipitation. Two other sensors also measure temperature at 5 cm and 20 cm deep in the ground.

  • Maintenance free
  • Robust design
  • Five-year battery life
  • Two-year warranty

The data collected is transferred via the SigFox low-frequency network to the SmartFarming app on your smartphone or tablet.

Check your cover with SigFox now.

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Easy and intuitive to use

Precise measurements

Reliable predictions

Warning messages through push notifications from the SmartFarming app

Always connected to SmartFarming

With the free SmartFarming app for Android and iOS, you have quick and easy access to all weather station data. This allows you to keep track of things conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

Plant protection module

The module calculates the disease pressure of your plants over a five-day period and indicates the risks in colour: from green for low to red for extremely high. For this, the disease pressure module uses the sensor placed in the vegetation at 25 cm to calculate the correct recommendation for action. More than 40 cultures and 100 diseases are stored.

Weather forecast module

This module provides a reliable 14-day weather forecast including precipitation forecast in mm, minimum and maximum temperatures, wind direction and speed.

Module alarm

Define a minimum and maximum value for temperature and humidity and receive a notification when it is reached. You can set warning messages using push notifications directly from the application.

Spray guide module

Always spray at the right time and save money. The spray guide module uses the sensor placed at a height of 25 cm to calculate the correct recommendation. For example, wind and wind gusts are calculated in m/s at ramp level for the next 48 hours.

We have created a demo account for you in which you have access to all functions of the weather station as well as to the tensiometers (soil moisture sensor for irrigation).

  1. Open your App Store or the Google Play Download Center.
  2. Download and install the SmartFarming application.
  3. Open the “SmartFarming” application.
  4. Enter the following user name and password:
    • a. Username:
    • b. Password: demo123
  1. You are now connected to the LEMKEN France demo account.
  2. To change the sensor, click on the station name.
  3. Then select your sensor: weather station or ground monitor.

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Erno Bouma, author of the book Weather and Plant protection.

“You can’t change the weather, but you can change how you deal with it”

The simplicity and affordability of the LEMKEN weather station makes it accessible for every farmer. This weather station will immensely improve process on the farm. As you receive the measurements specifically from your own plots, the data is very reliable which increases the accuracy of disease risk predictions. The result is considerable savings and optimised yields and revenues.