Individual weather information - For optimal crop care

We cannot change the weather, but we can retrieve weather data intelligently in real time. Think of LEMKEN weather stations as the voices of your fields and crops, and listen to them to make the right decisions.


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How does the LEMKEN weather station work?

The LEMKEN weather station collects information about temperature and humidity individually in your crop. It is maintenance-free and robust in design.

  5 years battery live time


  2 years warranty


The collected data is transferred via the low frequency network SigFox to the SmartFarming app of your smartphone or tablet. Check out your coverage with here SigFox.


SmartFarming App

The app lets you quickly and easily view the data from your weather station. 

 Automatic update of values every 30 minutes


  Retrospective values of the different parameters for one year


  Available for Android & iOS smartphones or tablets

 Free download:


google play

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Crop protection module

Crop protection Module Diseas pressure & Weather forecast

Other very useful features available for optional subscription are a 14-day weather forecast or a 5-day disease pressure forecast. The disease pressure of your fields is analysed by approved models on base of your weather station data.

For over 40 different crops in agriculture, horticulture and orcharding


For more than 100 diseases


Erno Bouma, author of the book Weather and Plant protection.


"You can't change the weather, but you can change how you deal with it"

The simplicity and affordability of the LEMKEN weather station makes it accessible for every farmer. This weather station will immensely improve process on the farm. As you receive the measurements specifically from your own plots, the data is very reliable which increases the accuracy of disease risk predictions. The result is considerable savings and optimised yields and revenues.